Active Bicycle Safety

Active Bicycle Safety

A new advance for the Active Safety of Bicycles

If we make a comparison between two vehicles such as the car and the bicycle, we can see that both have evolved at the same time, at the level of some benefits, not all.

Bicycle VS Car

Regarding performance, the car has experienced improvements in both the engine and the body and its electronic components. In turn, the bicycle has also evolved, focusing especially on the power section with the introduction of electric motors and the improvement of components (automatic pedals and indexed changes).

If we put the focus on security, evolution has not gone hand in hand. The performance of the car has been evolving exponentially, with innovations such as autonomous emergency braking or lane maintenance assistance. On the other hand, bicycle safety features have not experienced, by far, the same number of improvements. In the comparison “bicycle vs car”, the bike loses.

Cyclist today has protections so that the accident (once it has occurred) is less recorded, what we know as Passive Safety (helmets, knee pads, gloves, elbow pads, special footwear etc …) However, there is no devices framed in the Active Safety of the cyclist that prevent the accident from happening.

Due to the recent advances that improve the performance in the MTB and e-MTB followed by the boom of new inexperienced users in the sector, it is absolutely necessary to have the most advanced active security elements.

Faced with this need, OutBraker has developed the first mechanical ABS on the market which improves the braking of the bicycle making it more effective and safer, thus avoiding accidents such as being fired in case of emergency braking with the front brake. These accidents usually occur both in the mountains (slopes) and in the city, where they live with motor vehicles and sudden braking is a serious danger.

This anti-lock system of wheels thus becomes a great advance for the Active Safety of the cyclist

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