Advantages of ABS

Advantages of ABS

OutBraker, the first ABS for bicycles on the market

One of the most frequent accidents among cyclists is caused by the blocking of the front wheel, in case of emergency braking, causing heavy falls and bell turns. OutBraker, is a pioneer in the market in the development and implementation of an anti-lock wheel system which helps to make braking safer and smoother.

The OutBraker Braking Challenge

OutBraker, in the following test, shows us a comparison when braking between an amateur cyclist and a professional cyclist. Both riders descend a mountain descent at high speed, putting ABS to the test. You can see how it is possible to reduce the braking distance in both cases and above all not to get fired from the bicycle. In this way, it is clear that OutBraker helps the cyclist to improve their braking, since it makes it more effective and safe. Effective because it brakes before and safely because the front wheel is not blocked and therefore accidents are avoided.

You can see the test in this video:

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