OutbrakerStories2 | The story of José Miguel and his son.

In #OutbrakerStories2 we will tell you a story about one of the most special customers we have come across. A father who was looking for a solution so that his son, with mobility limitations on the right side of his body, could continue to ride a bicycle.

#OutbrakerStories2 | The story of José Miguel and his son.

In #OutbrakerStories2, we want to share with you an inspiring story that shows how love and determination can overcome any barrier! Learn about the moving experience of José Miguel and his son, who found in Outbraker a solution to fully enjoy cycling despite the challenges they faced.

Some time ago, Jose Miguel contacted us to find a solution to a problem that had arisen with his 5 year old son. He told us that he had a mobility problem on the right side of his body and that he could not operate the rear brake with complete confidence.

#OutbrakerStories2 | The story of José Miguel and his son.

That was the beginning of the #OutbrakerStories2. The Outbraker Brake Splitter was the ideal solution for him, allowing him to control both brakes with his left hand. After installing the OutBraker Brake Splitter on their son’s Cube Acid 20 bike, they were amazed with the results. The little boy was able to fully enjoy the cycling experience, feeling safe and confident with every pedal stroke. The standard braking power adjustment system (Booster function) allowed them to optimally adjust the braking, giving them more control in every situation.

Thus, the braking system of the little Rider’s bike was separated 50/50 by the Outbraker Brake Splitter and regulated by the dial it incorporates. At first glance, it may seem that 60/40 braking is the most optimal, but in this type of case and according to experience with Paratriathletes using the Splitter, 50/50 is the safest option.

#OutbrakerStories2 | The story of José Miguel and his son.

Driven by this experience, he decided to share his story and the benefits of Outbraker with the Hemiweb association, to which he belongs. Now, children with hemiparesis can more easily access the product and enjoy the same benefits.

In this #OutbrakerStories2, we celebrate stories like these, where love, determination and innovation come together to overcome obstacles and bring new opportunities. We are proud to be part of the journey of José Miguel and his son, as well as all cyclists who find in Outbraker a solution to enjoy cycling without limits.


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