Outbraker, the ABS Braking System for Bicycles

Outbraker, the ABS Braking System for Bicycles

This innovative braking system avoids the main cause of mountain bike accidents: the blocking of the front wheel.

During the last years, we have been able to observe that the evolution of the cycling sector has been constant and progressive both in bicycles and in passive safety (helmets, protections, etc.). However, there is no update on the active bicycle safety system until now.

Outbraker is born from a real need of the mountain biking enthusiasts, the improvement of the brakes of e-bikes or mtb. Many situations in the mountains such as avoiding falling down a ravine or an appearance of an animal / obstacle that force a sudden and aggressive storm that often ends with a return of the campaign. The consequences of these cases are serious injuries and damage to the bicycle.

For this reason, Outbraker will offer an efficient frequency to maximize the safety of lovers of mountain bikes. We can go at 60km / h or more, nail the front brake and avoid overturning. Outbraker makes your braking more efficient, that is, you can stop the bike with the front wheel in the shortest possible time.

As we said before, Outbraker is an active safety system at first for drivers of e-bikes, downhill, mtb and rally but it is compatible and perfect for another type of bike, including road bikes.

In the case of e-bikes, we have to take into account that their weight is much higher and that they can reach high speeds, which makes necessary the efficient and safe braking that Outbraker offers.

Outbraker is a piece of reduced size and 39 grams of weight that works with a micro-hydraulic mechanized system and is placed in the machine that has hydraulic brakes (compatible with all brands: Shimano, Sram, Tektro, Magura, Hayes, Formula ).

In addition, its installation is very easy and fast: you disconnect the hose, you mount the OutBraker in the handle, you bleed and we already have it installed. A process with a duration of only 5 minutes! Once installed, it allows us to precisely adjust the braking power through 45 positions to adapt it to the variables of each person and / or terrain.

We leave you a short video that explains in more detail the installation of Outbraker:

“OutBraker aims to end accidents by blocking the front wheel offering a braking system that maximizes the cyclist’s safety.”

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