Outbraker 1Lever 2 Brakes

180.00 IVA incluido

ABS system for bicycles with which you will achieve optimum and safe braking. You’ll brake booth brakes with only one hand.


  • The complete system weighs only 63gr.
  • Adjusts the oil pressure range from 0-100%
  • No Maintenance on any of the mechanical components.
  • 100% confidence: Enjoy a lifetime warranty


✦ Reduce crash accidents
✦ Avoid locking the front wheel
✦ You maintain a suitable braking distance at any speed
✦ Prevent damage due to an accident by avoiding flip-over
✦ Designed for disable people.

  • Material: Alloy, Stailess
  • Weight: 63gr.
  • Dimensions: 60x15x24mm.
  • Oil Pressure Adjustment Range: 0-100%
  • Type: 3 (Banjo pitch M8x0.75 / M8x1.0 / M9x1.25).

Additional information

Which brand do you use?

Shimano – Sram – Hayes




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