Outbraker 1Lever 2 Brakes DIAL Adjusment


First ANTI-BLOCK Brake System for Bicycles designed specifically for people who need to operate the TWO BRAKES with ONE HANDLE, achieving an OPTIMAL and SAFE BRAKING

Technical specifications:

  • The complete system weighs only 72gr. Outbraker (46gr) + Banjo kit (26gr)
  • Adjustment of OutBraker functionality (0% to 100%) through the DIAL located at the outer end of the device
  • Without maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Installation in Brake Lever (MTB) or directly in the hose (Road Bike)


  • Material: Alloy, Stainless
  • Weight: 72gr (46gr + 26gr)
  • Dimensions: 55 x 32 x 21mm
  • Adjustment of OutBraker functionality (0% to 100%): OutBraker has 45 adjustment positions to regulate its action level on the braking system depending on the weight of the rider, the type of driving, the terrain conditions, …
    • Type of Adjustment: The adjustment will be made through your DIAL
    • Expert recommendation: We recommend an adjustment of the Device between positions 16 and 20
  • Compatibility of OutBraker: Thanks to its 3 steps of thread (M8x0.75) OutBraker is compatible with the main brake brands of the market:

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Which brand do you use?

Shimano – Sram – Hayes




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