The Outbraker Brake Power Booster is adjustable by means of its red dial so that you can change the braking power according to your preferences and thus maintain constant braking performance.

The Outbraker Brake Power Booster comes graduated to the minimum position of the dial (0º, that is, the oil tank open to the maximum). This means that there is the same oil capacity in the hydraulic circuit as before and therefore braking is not affected.

To give more braking power and therefore more pressure to the hydraulic circuit, we must turn the dial clockwise. The system allows up to 4 turns of 360º. The best way to find the adjustment that suits you is to do it gradually.

We recommend first installing it with the dial turned to the minimum (counter-clockwise). Once installed, you can gradually increase the power. Between the initial setting point of 0º and the maximum of 1440º (360º x 4 turns) there is an infinite scale of positions in which one has to feel comfortable.

Warning: we do not recommend turning the dial to the maximum as it is too much power and could even burst the internal circuit of the brake lever

Brake like a pro Outbraker
Brake like a pro Outbraker