The Outbraker ABS Brake System is regulated by its characteristic black dial. You can adjust the braking power based on your weight, terrain conditions, braking style…

The Outbraker ABS comes standard with the Dial in “Neutral Position” so braking is not affected.

To activate the Outbraker ABS and the anti-lock function, we must turn the dial clockwise. The system supports up to 24 different adjustment positions (“clicks”).

To adjust, first perform a low speed braking test. As long as the front wheel of the bike is not locked at low speeds, it will not lock at higher speeds either. The reason is that the maximum oil pressure in the caliper is in both cases the same, but the inertia generated at high speeds is stronger.
In this way, we will adjust the device to obtain a safe braking in the optimal distance (the minimum possible without blocking the front wheel of the bike).

Recommendation: Our advice is that you turn the dial as far as it will go in a clockwise direction (maximum activation of the ABS function) and, from there, go down setting positions (“clicks”) until you find your optimal setting.