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OutBraker Braking Challenge, the Braking Test!



The OutBraker Pro vs Amateur Braking Challenge takes place at the iconic descents of Burriac Castle, with a clear objective, test the OutBraker Anti-Lock function.


In this vertiginous test we wanted to have two different cyclist profiles:

An Amateur Cyclist and a Professional Cyclist such as Raul Doctore.

This way, we checked how much improvement and efficiency in braking the OutBraker ABS device grants.


The challenge consisted to do 3 different types of descents at an approximate speed of 40 km/h.

At the end of the descent, a lime line has been marked indicating the braking starting point.

Once the braking start point has been reached, only the front brake was permitted to use.

In the first descent, both cyclists have descended without the OutBraker Anti-Lock function activated, resulting in a large braking difference between them.

While the Amateur rider has a braking distance of 8 meters, the Professional is 4 meters. The double.

In the second descent, only the amateur cyclist has the ABS function activated and cuts the braking distance to 5.5 meters approaching the mark of the professional cyclist.

On the third descent, both carry have the Anti-Lock function of the OutBraker. activated, each with his personal adjustment.

In both cases we get a great result:

The Amateur cyclist matches the professional’s initial braking (4 meters) and the professional cuts 1 meter of braking.


As a conclusion of this test, you can see how it is possible to reduce the braking distance in both cases and above all, not to fly over the bicycle handlebar:

OutBraker ABS allows the Amateur cyclist improve his braking and bring the skills of the Pro rider to the next level

It is clear that OutBraker helps the cyclist to improve his braking, since it makes it more effective and safe.

Effective because it brakes before and safely because the front wheel is not blocked and therefore accidents are avoided.

You can see the test here:

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