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The 3 best routes in Spain for Mountain bike

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The 3 best routes in Spain for Mountain bike El camino de Santiago (The road to Santiago) The road to Santiago is the longest pilgrimage route in Europe and the best known on the peninsula. It has its origin in the religious tradition and today is one of the busiest. There are different [...]

The best present for a bicyclist

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The best present for a bicyclist The time to give gifts to who we love most is approaching and many people wonder what is the best gift for a cyclist, since if we are not from the world of the bicycle it is difficult to understand that it can be more useful. For this [...]

Advantages of ABS

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Advantages of ABS OutBraker, the first ABS for bicycles on the market One of the most frequent accidents among cyclists is caused by the blocking of the front wheel, in case of emergency braking, causing heavy falls and bell turns. OutBraker, is a pioneer in the market in the development and implementation of an [...]

Active Bicycle Safety

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Active Bicycle Safety A new advance for the Active Safety of Bicycles If we make a comparison between two vehicles such as the car and the bicycle, we can see that both have evolved at the same time, at the level of some benefits, not all. Bicycle VS Car Regarding performance, the car has experienced [...]

OutBraker 1 Lever 2 Brakes, the first ABS system to brake both wheels with one hand

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"OutBraker 1 Lever 2 Brakes, the most effective active safety system specially designed for beginner cyclists and people with reduced mobility in one of the arms or hands.” Thanks to the innovative technology, we avoid falls due to blockage of the wheel and achieve a more efficient and safe braking. Outbraker 1 Lever [...]