Active Safety for Bicycle

Active Safety for Bicycle

A breakthrough in Active Safety for the Cyclist

If we make a comparison between two vehicles such as the car and the bicycle, we can see that both have evolved at the same time.

But not at the same level of benefits


The car has experienced improvements in the engine, the body and its electronic components. The bicycle has also evolved, focusing mainly on the power section, with the introduction of electric motors and the improvement of components (Pedal Assist and Indexed System).


If we focus on safety, evolution has not kept pace.

The advances of the car has evolved exponentially, with innovations such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) or lane keeping assistance (LKA).

On the other hand, the bicycle’s safety features have not experienced, by far, the same amount of improvements.

In the Bicycle vs. Car comparison, the bike loses.


Nowadays, the cyclist has protections to make the the accident (once it has occurred) less severe, what we know as Passive Safety (helmets, knee pads, gloves, elbow pads, special footwear etc …)

However, there are no devices destined in the Cyclist’s Active Safety that prevent the accident.

Due to recent advances that improve the performance in MTB, e-MTB, E-Bikes, followed by the rise of new inexperienced user, it is absolutely necessary to have the most advanced Active Safety elements.

Not only to protect the cyclist but also to protect the integrity of other cyclists and pedestrians.

Faced with this need, OutBraker has developed the first ABS system for hydraulic bike brakes, that works with the vast majority of hydraulic brakes.

OutBraker ABS improves the braking of the bicycle making it more effective and safer, thus avoiding accidents, such as:

Flying over the handlebar in case of emergency braking with the front brake.

These accidents usually occur on the mountain (slopes) and in the city, where motor vehicles coexist and sudden braking poses a serious danger.

For this reason, the OutBraker ABS becomes a breakthrough in Active Safety for the Cyclist.

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