OutBraker’s new Brake Power Booster receives the Gold Award from the Taipei International Cycle Show 2020

The Taipei International Cycle Show is the most important cycling event in Asia and considered one of the most important fairs of the cycling industry in the world.

Organized by TAITRA (Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council) everything was scheduled to open its doors on March 4-7, after postponing a second date (May 14-16) due to Covid-19, finally with the objective to comply with government policy and prioritize people’s health, TAITRA has made the decision to cancel the May edition.

From OutBraker we want to send all our support and strength to the organizers and colleagues in the sector affected.

The TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards, held digitally

The TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards started in 2013 in order to create an official quality seal as a criterion to measure design and level of innovation. Since then, TAITRA and TBA present the awards, while the contest is implemented by iF. It has become the most respected design and innovation competition for the international cycling industry.

During the last seven years, companies of nationalities from 30 different countries around the world have participated. In this year’s contest, around 150 applications have been sent from 12 different countries and highlights that in this edition for the first time, more electric bicycles participated than conventional bicycles.

This year, all the awarded products were presented digitally in the virtual reality pavilion “TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards exhibition”.

OutBraker Brake Power Booster, one of the 8 winners of the GOLD d&i award

First of all we want to congratulate the other winners of the gold award, without a doubt, this year we have seen great products, with a clear focus on sustainable electric cycling (Eco-Friendly) and giving importance to bicycle safety as is the case of the Young Enterprise 2020 Gold Award winner Litemove Technology Co (Taiwan) and its electric bike headlight.

Secondly, we want to thank the entire jury that has decided that our latest innovation, the OutBraker Brake Power Booster, has been worthy of this Gold award.

The jury’s statement was as follows:

“The Brake Power Booster is a clever little add-on that allows the user to improve their brake system to high-end brake with force adjustment and better modulation. Moreover, it simplifies the process of changing brake pads by opening the space for the fresh pads, just like pad contact adjustment on high-end brakes.”

OutBraker Brake Power Booster design and functionality

Outbraker Brake Power Booster is designed to increase stopping power thanks to the adjustable reservoir tank inside. By adjusting the Dial, in a simple and easy reach for the driver, you can increase the force of the brake, making the travel of the brake lever short, strong feeling and not spongy, maintaining the same touch from the first day until the end of the life of the pads, thus obtaining maximum stopping power.

This helps the rider to maintain good brake performance constantly and therefore an improvement in terms of safety.

Less maintenance will be needed to add/remove the brake oil as the brake pads wear down, they will last longer and you will not have to change them frequently for new ones. When having noise issue between the brake pads and the rotor, It can be used as a Pad Contactor by making the tank size maximum.

Weighing only 22g and is compatible with all hydraulic bike brake systems (DOT/Mineral both).

What type of cyclist is the OutBraker Brake Power Booster for?

It is aimed at all types of cyclists, but especially E-Bike users, due to the high power that electric bicycles have, the pads wear easily and many users have to change the pads around 180-200 km.

In addition, it should be noted that we also have an Outbraker Brake Splitter & Booster version with two brake hose outputs, which will allow users with reduced arm / hand mobility (paracycling), to control both brakes with one hand, without losing the good feel of the brake lever.

“Our mission is to guarantee safety and the best performance for every cyclist and we will not stop innovating”

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